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Seat Lowering Adaptor Brackets [1"/2.5" Drop] - Jass Performance NC

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The Mazda MX5 MK3 is roomier than any other of the models, but offers similar or even less space than them. This of course is not comfortable for slightly taller drivers or average height drivers who want to track the car and fit with a helmet. And it’s dangerous for any really tall ones attempting to drive it on public roads due to lack of overview over the controls, gauges, rear view. There is no freedom of operation (steering the wheel is challenge), rear view mirror blocks half of front view, but also useless as such due to the high eye position, and the small rear window blocking the most of it. My experience with 6'6" and the first (80) miles collecting the car was terrifying.

Jass Performance turned this into immediate solutions and now offers two versions - offering 1" and 2.5" effective drop. Both solutions share the following features:

The lowering brackets are computer stress calculated for real life crash situation

The above allowed weight optimisation

Ergonomic seating position considered

The 1" drop version will provide most drivers with more comfortable seating position and allow tallest drivers to be able to drive the car. It will also allow average height drivers to fit in the car with helmet. This drop will allow small drivers to be able to drive the car as well - important if you are sharing a car in the family. The installation of the 1" drop version requires fewer modifications to the rails and is thus faster.

The 2.5" version stands out as the lowest ever possible, optimised to the last millimetre solution. Not many aftermarket seats (of any at all) will go below this height on slider rails. Consider this if you are average height planning to race the car or just above 6 feet (184cm) and want to have normal overview of the instruments and road ahead. Talking about extremes - this drop time twice the weight of driver and passenger lowers the car roll centre.

However, being extreme the drop (2.5" or nearly 75mm in real life) lots of smaller drivers will have issues to see the road ahead with it. This puts them in the same situation as the tallest drivers in an OEM seat situation. Not good – so with the options offered, please plan here wisely.

Sold as full kit per side (seat). This leaves the freedom to lower both seats with different height or just swap, when needed. All needed hardware provided is zinc, powder coated, all direct fit, comes with installation manual.

Please note, both versions are available at the moment only for the pre-facelift NC (MK3) modes - the ones with the non-height adjustable seat. Version for the later models should follow later this year.

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