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Need help picking a soft top?

Purchasing a new soft top can be daunting - Hopefully the below information helps you choose the right one for you!

1pc or 2pc Explained

The 1 piece top has a floating window with no rear 'curtains' while the 2 piece top gives the appearance of the skin being in 2 pieces and has the rear curtain.
Please see the example images below.

Plastic Window Options

The original NA 1989-1997 model was released with a plastic window soft top and had a zippered rear window which could either be;
a) folded down while being zipped up (in which case the window section is rolled in half)
b) unzipped before being folded down (which allows the rear window section to lay flat on the parcel shelf followed by the soft top lowering on top)

The plastic window soft tops are available in either the 1 piece (no zip) or 2 piece (with zip)

Please see the example images below.


Demisted Glass Window Options

The original NB 1998-2004 model was released with a glass window, demisted, non-zipper style roof that simply lowers in one movement allowing the glass to sit flat on the rear parcel shelf

There are 3 styles available
- 1 Piece, Demisted Glass
- 2 Piece, Demisted Glass
- 2 Piece, Demisted Glass with Zipper

Please see the example images below.

Vinyl or Cloth?

This is hard to explain online however VINYL is what was found on the NA and NB 1989-2004. Cloth is a fabric style and often described as being more luxurious, cloth is found on the NC 2005 onward. 

What is a rain rail?

The rain rail is a plastic gutter located at the base of the soft top. It channels water that runs down the soft top towards the drain holes on either side of the car. You can't see it when the roof is installed but is a crucial part of the soft top. The original rain rail is plastic and if it's not already cracked - chances are it will crack when you try to remove it. 95% of the time - we need to replace these (unless its been changed before)

What are tension cables?

The tension cables are located on either side of the soft top. They aren't visible but they are installed from the front corner of the soft top skin and follow the side window glass. They help to pull the soft top skin right towards the side of the car to prevent water entering the window (or filling up the soft top seals). We reuse these when we can but if they look like they may snap, we change them to our upgraded braided steel version. I'd say 80% of soft tops need these.


What are B-Pillar Retainers

These retainers are fitted on the bottom most corners of the soft top skin and are visible when the top is folded down. If you own an NA 1989 or 1990 model please check to make sure your retainers look like this. If you install a replacement roof with the original style retainer it can lead to premature tearing of the soft top skin which is NOT covered under warranty.

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