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Cell Phone Mount with Phone Holder (ND 2015+)

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Exclusive cell phone / mobile phone mount with universal phone holder, specially developed for Mazda MX-5 ND righthand drive models.

No drilling or gluing required, and easy installation makes this a perfect addition for your MX-5.
This mobile phone mount is installed in under 2 minutes or uninstalled without leaving marks!
Please notice: includes universal mount for cell phone!

To install read the following steps:

- Pull lower right side of the dashboard (right beside the center console) towards you in a short pull, creating a small gap big enough to insert the metail hook supplied with this kit.
- insert the metal hook sideways between the lower part of the dashboard and the upper part, next to the shiny black plastic of the center console vents.
- turn the hook 90° and pull to check if hooks snaps into place and holds position correctly
- push the lower part of the dashboard back into the original position
- position the phone mount over the extending hook on the dashboard and put the supplied nut on the hook part and screw hand tight.
- check if the console sits tightly and adjust when necessary
- mount the supplied universal phone holder and enjoy!

* pictured mobile phone is not part of this kit and used for reference purposes only!

Caution: Only for righthand drive models!

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