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Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler (NB 98-05)

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Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler
1999-2005 Miata (All) - Except Automatic

The heart of our Racing Beat Power Pulse muffler is our polished 304-stainless steel canister. The inlet and outlet tubes feature mandrel-bent 304-stainless steel for excellent durability and appearance. For maximum performance potential, our muffler features the same 2.375" OD Straight-Flow internal design configuration as our RX-7 Turbo II exhaust systems. Finished with a 3.5" OD polished 304-stainless steel tip, this large diameter muffler will handle applications from stock to race.

Designed and manufactured entirely by Racing Beat, our muffler features stainless steel wool and ceramic sound-deadening packing insulation to provide the optimum exhaust note for your Miata. The Power Pulse Muffler offers a deep, throaty exhaust note without any harsh, buzzy or droning tones. All Racing Beat exhaust systems are tuned in-house by our engineering staff to produce a modest exhaust tone at low speeds, and a bit more "attitude" under full throttle acceleration. We've sold 1000's of these mufflers over the years and continue to receive positive feedback regarding the sound and tone of our Miata exhaust components!

On an otherwise stock 1999 Miata (baseline hp - 110.6) our dyno tests have shown a 2.4 hp gain (max hp - 113.0) with the addition of this muffler. Combine this muffler with a Racing Beat air intake for gains of up to 8.5 hp! Don't be swayed by exaggerated performance claims made by other aftermarket suppliers - big HP gains from an aftermarket rear muffler simply don't exist. If they did, why would Mazda leave this untapped horsepower behind?

Each Power Pulse muffler is supplied with a replacement OEM donut style gasket. Installation can be completed using basic hand tools; simply unbolt the two retaining nuts, slip the original muffler off the rubber hanger grommets, and then reverse the process for installation of the new Power Pulse muffler.

The Power Pulse muffler is 50-state emissions legal and meets all California sound level requirements.

Connecting Pipe Section Replacement
For the 1999-2005 Miata, Mazda incorporated both a non-removable catalytic converter and a presilencer into the mid-chassis connecting pipe section. Since there is no flanged connection behind this catalytic converter, installing a traditional bolt-on, "cat-back" exhaust system on the Miata isn't possible. Another alternative is to replace the entire connecting pipe section with larger diameter connecting pipe section with an integrated "high flow" cat converter. However, emissions laws are changing rapidly across the US and the sale, distribution and use of these performance catalytic converters are facing increasing restrictions. If you are considering this option consult your local emissions authorities before proceeding.

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