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Boundary Engineering Standard / High Flow Oil Pumps (NA/NB 91-04)

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Boundary Engineering Oil Pumps are trusted world wide and known for their quality. Made in America. If you are building an engine, you can trust this pump!


Stage 1 - Standard Flow
Stage one pumps utilize a factory housing, and have our gear set placed inside in order to strengthen the pump.
All parts under go ultrasonic, air blast, and hand inspection.
Gear set is cut in house from 4140 chromoly steel billet.
Parts are blue printed and issued with specification sheet.


Stage 2 - High Flow
Stage 2 pumps increase the overall flow by machining a deeper pocket into the oil pump and fitting larger gears in this pocket. This increases the strength of the pump, increases mid-range oil pressure, and increases the strength of the oil pump gears.
Everything the stage I pump has plus
Larger gears are fitted into the oil pump which increases mid range protection and insures compatibility with VVT.
The pump is shimmed increasing maximum warm pressure from 60 PSI to 70 PSI.


Shim Kits
Miata pumps can now be shimmed in the comfort of your very own garage. This shim kit includes all 5 shims, and a brand new cotter pin.
Shims are precision cut to the bore size to prevent rocking during operation.
Shims have laser etched the oil pressure each shim will create.*
*The actual pressure your engine makes depends on many factors such as oil cooler, thermal valves, clearances, oil viscosity, operating temperature, other parasitic losses such as turbo chargers, or superchargers which bleed from the main oiling system as well as the blocking or use of piston oil squirters. Listed pressures are a theoretical value.



- Pumps do not fit short nose crank 1.6L engine (contact us to order)
- Standard Flow Pumps DO NOT fit the SVT 00-04 engine
- High Flow Pumps will fit all NA6 (long nose), NA8, NB8A and NB8B/C SVT
- Pumps come shimmed with 60psi shim. If you require any other PSI please order the shim kit in addition to the pump

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