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MCA Red Series Coilovers (NB 1998-2004)

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MCA Reds are our longest running product second only to the Gold Series. Whilst traditionally recognised for their performance and flexibility in tarmac based motorsports, the valving and springs can also be tailored to suit comfort based street use, competitive motorsport, or anything in between. The MCA Reds are currently the suspension of choice for a number of control racing categories both in Australia and overseas.

Please note that there is a two week lead time to allow for assembly.


  • Designed, Developed, Assembled & Fully Supported in Australia
  • Fusion Valving Technology
  • Custom Valving designed by MCA for customers specific requirements
  • Custom Springs chosen for customers specific requirements
  • Dyno Tuning & Testing
  • 3 Year Platinum Warranty
  • 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together)
  • Camber Adjustment via top mount (where possible)
  • Camber Washer Bottom Mounts (where possible)
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible)
  • Wheel travel range adjustment via bottom mount (pre-set by MCA)
  • Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed)
  • Possible height adjustment range depends on the specifics of the order
  • Reinforced double gusseted lower mounts (where applicable, see vehicle specific details
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times
  • Latest Rugged Spec internal sealing designs and components
  • Superior Monotube design


Suitable Applications

  • Anything tarmac based, customer to specify application
  • Comfort focused street use, through to competitive Motorsport use

      Suits Mazda MX-5 NB 1998-2004

      Please the comfort level you desire from the drop down below

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