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FlowForce LS Ignition Coil Pack Upgrade Kit (NA/NB 1989-2004)

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If you want to run LS coils on your NA or NB MX5, Look no further! This is the kit for you. Quality stainless steel mounting bracket and mounts the supplied D585 ignition coils

The coils are used OEM GM LS Truck coils that have been refurbished. Each coil is disassembled and the brackets are media blasted and grey metallic (grey shown in installed photo) - Blue not currently available.

Flowforce test every coil in-house using custom equipment, rejecting about 5% of coils that do not meet their exacting standards.

The harness is plug in for your MX5 (1.6 needs the patch loom to be purchased with the coils) and took almost a year to get it just right. The supplied harness is wired for batch ignition (Sequential wiring add on available)

The supplied high performance 8.5mm plug wires are custom made for this kit and are a direct fit for NA/NB8A 1989-2000 engines. The NB8B/C 2000-2004 SVT head has slightly smaller spark plug holes so in order to fit the leads, trimming of the boot and fiddling will be required (if you have a SVT engine consider this a DIY kit)

The kit includes:

1x Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
1x Main coil harness
2x Female harness plugs
4x FlowForce refurbished D585 coils
4x High performance plug wires for NA/NB8A 1989-2000 (can be modified to fit NB8B SVT model as mentioned above)

Important Notes:

- These kits are designed for use with aftermarket ECU's only

- Not compatible with strut braces

- 1.6L NA requires the use of the 1.6L Igniter loom (sold separately)

- Sequential wiring upgrade is available 

- ADD ON's are only available with the purchase of the coil kit and are not available to purchase on their own.

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