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MCA Voston Sport Series Coilovers (ND RF 2017+)

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Voston Sports are focused on offering fun and responsive handling whilst providing the driver with a firm but not adequate ride quality. They also provide full adjustability such as damper, height and camber adjustment where possible. At this price point the Voston Sports are possibly the highest quality and most feature packed performance option on the market.
  • Designed, Developed & Fully Supported in Australia.
  • Designed with comfort as a priority but also with acceptable street handling.
  • 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjustment (Bump & Rebound together).
  • Camber Tops included front and rear (where applicable - check with MCA Suspension if unsure).
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times.
  • Bamber Spec internal sealing designs and components.
  • 1.5 Year Platinum Warranty.

Suits Mazda MX-5 ND RF 2017+

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