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Shift Pattern Aluminium Plate - RevLimiter (NA-ND 1989-2020)

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Rev Limiter shift pattern plate emblem  (5 or 6 speed) for your console.

Technically, it's the legal way to have a plain shift knob in your MX-5.

More than just a little plate. Each kit lets you either drill and mount the plate with the included tiny button-head capscrews or you can glue on the capscrew heads and install with the 3M mounting tape.

20mm by 30mm wide, 1mm thick.

These can be drilled and screwed into place or installed with double-sided tape.

The plates themselves are precision water jet cut 1mm aluminum. The shift patterns are die-cut sticker printed on special brushed aluminum material. 

Choose shift patterns to suit your gearbox from drop down menu.


NA/NB8A 1989-2000 

NB8B/C    2000-2004

NC            2005-2014 

ND            2015-2020  


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